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Find Cusper at The Cigar Journal!

  • Monday Nov 11,2013 07:56 PM
  • By Cusper Lynn
  • In Cigars
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  • Gone Rolling


    Image By:  virtualphotographystudio

     (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 37: DeeAnn Goes Rogue and I Go Rolling

    With my certificate in and a general sense of agitation regarding the time issue, I did something I normally would not do: I called my attorney’s assistant. “Did you get the certificate?” I asked, like the kindergartener who wants to see his mommy hang up his finger painting on the refrigerator. (more…)

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    Image By:  leemueller

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 25:  More Thoughts on Cigars and

    Mrs. Towbridge Writes Again

    The question has been asked, “As a physician, how can you smoke a cigar?”

    To which I respond, “By starting out with the very best selection of cured and aged tobaccos, rolled in a flawless whole leaf binder, pressed into molds, wrapped in a flawless whole leaf wrapper, trimmed, aged further and kept at an ideal temperature and humidity.”

    The more persistent will renew their protest by arguing, “But as a physician…”

    To which I will continue, “Clipping the end, only after having rolled the cigar between thumb and forefinger to gauge the tightness of the roll and determine the smoothness of the draw.”

    “But as a physician!” They will now exclaim, exasperated. (more…)

    World Wide Depression & My Bathroom Drains

    • Tuesday Nov 1,2011 05:47 AM
    • By Cusper Lynn
    • In Cigars

    Image by: the|G|™

    World Wide Depression & My Bathroom Drains


    Cusper Lynn

                    Recently my bathroom drains have become a talking point with my fiancée.  For those of you familiar with my life, my writing and my world view, it will surprise you that I have either a bathroom or a fiancée.   At the time that my last novel went off to the editors and I began traveling I was considering life in a yurt.   In the alternative I was going to build an earthbag home or some form of micro-housing that would meet my needs.  Having divested of most of my worldly belongings this plan of action seemed entirely feasible.   That is, until I acquired a girlfriend.

    It would seem that such forms of habitation are not consistent with relationships and certainly not marriage.  The events that led up to this particular change in my life I am writing about in another novel.   But, whether rational or irrational, I am in love and as such find myself once again, having to confront the challenges of domestic housing arrangements and home maintenance.

    Like the world, which is currently locked in a seemingly deathlike spiral with an economic depression, I had squared off against the bathroom drains in a similarly intractable conflict.  What started as a “slow” bathroom sink drain, quickly moved to a “blocked” drain after we moved into our home.  Our home, a former “Zombie house” – zombie, meaning that it was left in the limbo land of foreclosure and ownership by  a series of paperwork problems and bank failures – is now owned by an investment group.  So, you might suggest I turn the problem over to the owners, or “Landlords” to address.  This I would gladly do.  But, as our lease is at an outrageously low price and includes an option to buy – at an equally ridiculously low price – we are responsible for all “internal” maintenance issues. (more…)

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