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Bringing Home Bram

  • Friday Jul 10,2015 08:29 PM
  • By Cusper Lynn
  • In Off Topic

MaskImage By: new 1lluminati

Bringing Home Bram


Cusper Lynn

“We’ve got Dr. Terry and her team prepping in the O.R.,” the emergency room doctor said as they raced down the corridor.

“What are we looking at here?” the other doctor asked, running to keep up with the stretcher. (more…)

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  • Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

    • Thursday Mar 12,2015 09:35 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
    • In Off Topic

    terry pratchett

    Image by:Myrmi CC BY-SA 2.0

    Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

    Today another author whose writing sustained me has come to the end of their story. The end of this story leaves me, and others like me, at a loss for where next to turn. The last time I felt a loss this keenly was when Douglas Adams died just shy of fourteen years ago. It was the death of the author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy that ultimately led me to Terry Pratchett. The first book of his I would ever read and listen to was Thief of Time, then Johnny and The Bomb and later Monstrous Regiment. Soon I was buying the books from England and buying the audiobooks so I could read them before their release in the United States and hear the unabridged recordings by Stephen Briggs and Nigel Planner. Before long I and my older children had read and listened to everything that Sir Terry Pratchett published and the audiobooks were companions on many family road trips. (more…)

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  • If We Are VERY LUCKY!

    • Thursday Mar 12,2015 09:33 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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  • Cusper’s Hope For Humanity

    • Thursday Feb 12,2015 11:25 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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    cuspers hope

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    Which ever way you put it, I LIKE IT!


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    My Gate Keeper

    • Monday Aug 25,2014 08:19 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
    • In Off Topic


    Image by: Ryman Arts

    My Gate Keeper


    Cusper Lynn

    “Sheila, hold all calls. I’m not available,” I said.

    “Yes, Dr. Lynn,” She said.

    I stared at the check. It was there, big as life, $10,000. Not enough to even get started for Klondike, but enough to keep the lights on for another thirty days. I was going to have to give it back. I hadn’t even wanted it by the time he had passed it over. But there it was and there was no way I could simply ignore it. Hell, half of it would at least give me enough time to breathe. But it would mean dealing with Klondike and there was no deal in that.

    The intercom erupted and I answered it. “Yes, Sheila?”

    “No, JJ,” the voice on the phone said. (more…)

    Hell – Coming to A Theater Near You


    Image by: Jesslee Cuizon

    Cusper Lynn’s Revelation

    The earliest I can remember being informed that I was going to hell was about age six.   That pronouncement came from another six year old who explained that I was going to hell because I didn’t go to their church, believe in their God, and confess my sins to their minister.   Prior to that time in my life most discussions about hell were as an option; a place where bad boys, liars and people who picked their noses and chewed their food with their mouths open went. (more…)

    Klondike Cab Callahan

    • Wednesday Jun 4,2014 08:29 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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    Image by US Army Africa

    Klondike Cab Callahan


    Cusper Lynn

                    There are times when surviving a minute is an accomplishment. Then there are those times when surviving an hour is a victory. If you string together twenty-four of those hours, you have what my days have been like.   At this moment, I am counting off seconds and considering every second that I don’t reach across the desk and strangle my “potential”client a victory. (more…)

    Feeling Stabbed?

    demise of facebook


     Is Facebook Killing Organic Communications?

    Anyone who knows me knows I have ambivalent feelings about Facebook.   If you are unfamiliar with my views see the novel here (click here) or search my blog.   Recently, several author friends have taken to Facebook to complain about Facebook’s changes in its newsfeed.   The allegations ran from being blocked from over fifty percent of their fan base, to having friends’ posts delayed or never delivered at all. How much of this was legitimate and how much of this was hyperbole I had no idea.   Facebook has been a platform for widespread misinformation on so many topics – from dead Seinfeld actors to finding missing flight MH370 passengers alive – that I decided to look into for myself. (more…)

    In The End. . .

    • Saturday Apr 12,2014 11:53 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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    5455379_e2b179611eImage by ASCO

      “In the end, I’ve never seen a solution to humanity’s inhumanity that didn’t fundamentally require the removal of both human biology and free will.”

    Cusper Lynn (more…)

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