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Crank The Tull

  • Thursday Apr 14,2016 08:10 PM
  • By Cusper Lynn
  • In Social Media

Crank tull

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  • The Sign The Years Are Getting Behind You

    • Monday Mar 28,2016 10:30 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
    • In Social Media


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  • Facebook The App

    • Monday Feb 15,2016 11:10 AM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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  • Going To Hell


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  • Feeling Stabbed?

    demise of facebook


     Is Facebook Killing Organic Communications?

    Anyone who knows me knows I have ambivalent feelings about Facebook.   If you are unfamiliar with my views see the novel here (click here) or search my blog.   Recently, several author friends have taken to Facebook to complain about Facebook’s changes in its newsfeed.   The allegations ran from being blocked from over fifty percent of their fan base, to having friends’ posts delayed or never delivered at all. How much of this was legitimate and how much of this was hyperbole I had no idea.   Facebook has been a platform for widespread misinformation on so many topics – from dead Seinfeld actors to finding missing flight MH370 passengers alive – that I decided to look into for myself. (more…)

    The Facebook War

    Image ByBy ssoosay (Surian Soosay)

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 32:  Omar O’Malley and the Facebook War

    “Dad, Kaylee’s on the phone and needs to talk to you,” Bryce greeted me at the door as I returned from interring the remains of Daisy.

    Taking Bryce’s cell phone, I saw him stalk off into the next room, visibly upset. This let me know that I was about to begin a “parent” phone call.

    “That BITCH!” Kaylee sobbed. (more…)

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  • Giggling In Jail

    Image By: rcourtie

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 15:  Morose at Home or Giggling in Jail

    “I have been thinking about your situation,” Dr. Douglas begins, as we sit down for our biweekly dinner at Vitoli’s.

    “Which situation is that? My near death, my hearing in family court in Pennsylvania, my imminent financial crisis that is accompanying my general state of insolvency?” I ask, as the intervening weeks and months have started to take their toll on my general capacity for forbearance.

    “Your divorce,” Dr. Douglas answers unperturbed, but adding a meaningful glance that suggests future outbursts will not be met with similar tolerance.

    “And what have you concluded?” I ask, not entirely chastened by the glance. (more…)

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    Image By: anneh632

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 6:  A Pathetic Way to End A Marriage

    Meat Time: Real life contact, human exposure. Existence.


    I first saw the term “Meat Time” in an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the late 1990s. I found it amusing on several levels. This was of course when my marriage was in its heyday, or halcyon days if you prefer. In retrospect, or rather in court filings, there never were any good days; everything was hellfire and brimstone. In fact, a review of our marriage and the 3 years before our marriage would, were you to read our respective court filings, indicate that neither of us had consensual sex during the entire time we knew each other. Sadly, this means our five children were the product of mutually perpetuated rapes. Though one does wonder, if both parties are rapists, does that equal consent? Legal scholars will have to sort that question out.

    In any case, legal fictions aside, I mention “Meat Time” as it was in this context that I was having a conversation with a colleague and friend, Dr. Dexter Douglas, who hails from the Bronx. (more…)

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    Image by: Cali4beach

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)


    Chapter 22:  Dr. Kormos and a Greek Island


    It had never occurred to me, until Bryce mentioned it, to relate Dr. Kormos’ visit to the event of DeeAnn’s departure. Dr. Kormos, an oral surgeon we met when we first moved to Florida, is a short stocky man, balding, with a long, thick, curly auburn beard and a sort of bacchanalian personality – which is to say hard drinking, bawdy stories, stuffed grape leaves and baklava. His wife, Larissa, who is 15 years younger than him, shows no physical signs that she is the mother of four fully grown children and is an absolute encyclopedia of knowledge of history, art and science. She is not, however, a doctor. A point DeeAnn was at some pains to drive home to Larissa when we were guests at the Kormos home several years ago. (more…)

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