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Charlie Changes His Mind

  • Saturday Jan 14,2017 02:46 AM
  • By Cusper Lynn
  • In Landing

Charlie Changes His Mind
Cusper Lynn

“Isn’t that Mick over there in the corner?” Charlie asked when Sheila came back with their drinks.
“Yes,” she said settling in opposite him.
“He went and got himself one of those mail order brides from the Ukraine,” he said now sipping his beer and staring at Mick.
“Stop staring at that sad feck, he’ll come over,” she said, not wanting what was their first night out in weeks spoiled by Mick and his troubles.
“Me, I like to think that love just happens. You know like with us. There you were, that dark, angry look on your face and all I wanted to do was make you smile the moment I saw you,” Charlie said wistfully.
“Not much good at that, are you,” Sheila muttered darkly. (more…)

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