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Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

  • Thursday Mar 12,2015 09:35 PM
  • By Cusper Lynn
  • In Off Topic

terry pratchett

Image by:Myrmi CC BY-SA 2.0

Well Done, Sir Terry Pratchett

Today another author whose writing sustained me has come to the end of their story. The end of this story leaves me, and others like me, at a loss for where next to turn. The last time I felt a loss this keenly was when Douglas Adams died just shy of fourteen years ago. It was the death of the author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy that ultimately led me to Terry Pratchett. The first book of his I would ever read and listen to was Thief of Time, then Johnny and The Bomb and later Monstrous Regiment. Soon I was buying the books from England and buying the audiobooks so I could read them before their release in the United States and hear the unabridged recordings by Stephen Briggs and Nigel Planner. Before long I and my older children had read and listened to everything that Sir Terry Pratchett published and the audiobooks were companions on many family road trips.

I never met the author, for which I am truly thankful. Having not met him I know him only by his work, his words, and his stories as he presented them. This, to my mind is the best and only way to know an author. The last book of his that I read was Raising Steam. It was such a wonderful experience because it took me back to his best books in the series in terms of style, cadence and characters.

I will miss having new Terry Pratchett titles to look forward to in the coming years. But, looking over the body of his work, and with the certain knowledge that I will again seek refuge in them from time to time, I can say that he told the story. He told it completely, fully and memorably. He has left us worlds to explore, lives to follow and places to escape to. Well done, Sir Terry Pratchett.


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