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Divorce in the Age of Social Media

Divorce & Marriage – A Libertarian View

(Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

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Divorce & Marriage – A Libertarian View


Cusper Lynn

Divorce is a sacred institution that should not be entered into lightly. Unlike marriage, it is a bond between two people that will last unto death. Recent trends in society have cheapened this time honored and wholly sacred rite. I speak not of same sex couples. They are welcome to marriage and its attendant sufferings along with all comers as far as I am concerned. Regarding both marriage and divorce, I am entirely libertarian in my views. Any couple, group, transgendered relationship, trans-species relationship, or sentient and inanimate object relationships that wishes to be bound by marriage should have that option, as they should have recourse to the sacred institution of Divorce. It is my hope that in my lifetime I should witness a divorce between a man and his chaise lounge, citing infidelity or irreconcilable differences as the basis for an acrimonious and extended legal proceeding.

No, the cheapening of divorce as an institution has been a far more subtle and sinister trend in Western culture. While I would mark its beginning with the Disney movie The Parent Trap, starring Hayley Mills and the subsequent remake featuring Lindsay Lohan, the greatest offense against the institution of Divorce has been the advent of the online social networks, the worst offender being Facebook.

To understand my views, you need to know a little history. In my family, we can trace our lineage on my mother’s side back to the greatest divorce ever. I speak of course of King Henry VIII. This claim of lineage is not unique, as it is estimated that one out of every 500 people in the Western world can claim a similar, though slightly more circuitous, path of lineage to this same famous personage. It can also be argued that Henry VIII was not divorced per se. Yet it was a marriage that was concluded by a governmental proceeding that resulted in what was in effect a divorce. This particular, and I would argue spectacular, divorce – namely that from Catherine of Aragon – gave history some of its most interesting twists and thrust forward some of its greatest personalities. Because without that divorce, we would be deprived of Sir Thomas Moore – considered to be one of the great Catholic martyrs – and Dr. William Tyndale – whose translation of the Bible to English would later be heavily cribbed from for the King James version, and who would become a great protestant martyr at the hands of Henry VIII; and we would be deprived of that most sacred and revered institution, namely the Church of England. So you can see that Divorce can be of great social value, elevate human consciousness, and create wonderful religious schisms and, yes, bloody and brutal wars that continue to this very day.

Henry VIII also developed a propensity for extralegal mechanisms for dealing with unwanted relationships and troublesome peers – the execution of Anne Boleyn being a case in point. The consequences of that particular habit also had unforeseen and historical import. The pursuit of extralegal means for concluding an unwanted relationship in contemporary Western culture has with it the attendant consequence of incarceration. So again, the virtue of Divorce is born out as a civilized and sacred tradition.

To digress momentarily back to the question of family lineage, it has been brought to my attention that there is a truck driver inAustraliawhose particular lineage gives him a greater claim to the throne ofEnglandthan its present occupants. The truth of this claim I have no way of judging. But it does not seem entirely improbable. That he might ever attempt to assert that claim successfully does. Possession being nine-tenths of the law, it is likely that those presently in possession will continue on in their highly in-bred occupation of that throne for the foreseeable future. It is also likely that their heirs will continue to give vent to their less than latent Teutonic tendencies by dressing up as officers of the Nationalsozialismus party whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Returning to the main thrust of my point: Divorce is a necessary, sacred and social good whose institution is being undermined by corrosive societal forces. It is my hope to shed light on this trend so that it may return to the simple and often bitter affair that it was meant to be.


Cusper Lynn


Sarasota Florida, October 2009

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