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Divorce in the Age of Social Media

Q&A with Cusper Lynn: Transcribed from a Recent Studio Interview


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Q: While your book lampoons social media, internet addiction and the technologically induced alienation and isolation of western society, what are your personal views on FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, Twitter and other such services?


CUSPER: Let me start off by saying I do not think my novel covers quite that range of lampoon.  It would have to be a trilogy to even start to take a whack at issues on that scale.   I believe the novel is more about the personal experience of having one’s break ups or divorce broadcast on social media.   As well as exploring how social media serves as an accelerant to the dissolution of relationships.

As to the trademarked services you have referenced, my personal view is that they are an invaluable way to develop coherent and detailed psychographic databases.


Q: Um, what exactly do you mean by psychographic databases?


CUSPER: Look, there are two major streams of income that websites look to, product sales and advertising.   What makes social media unique is that it offers a third income stream; data mining or more precisely Psychographics.   It is not an accident when a group of guys in their late thirties or early forties, start reconnecting through social media about high school, the service or team sports that they start to get advertising offers for corresponding websites and erectile dysfunction medications.   But the advertising is just the tip of the iceberg.


Q. Did you do that on purpose?


CUSPER: Do what on purpose?


Q: Finish with a comment on erectile dysfunction and immediately move on to an analogy that used the words “just the tip”?


CUSPER: To the best of my knowledge I was simply trying to illustrate the types of advertising a given group might be subject to and illustrate that larger issues might be at play.   At least that seems to me what my general meaning was or at least the thrust of the conversation.


Q: There you did it again!


CUSPER: I believe you are being unnecessarily pedantic in your interpretation of the terms used in the course of normal social dialogue and verbal intercourse.    Forward progress, icebergs and what not are just phrases.   What I was trying to get across is the idea that these social media systems  allow marketers to learn more about their target market, then the target market would normally offer about themselves, either in interview or by other data gathering means.


Q: How did you find out?!?


CUSPER: Find out what?  I am talking about the fact that it used to require a number of different databases for companies to identify their customers.   Now the customers self identify and talk not only about their preference in brands and habits.  But they freely disclose their view of a wide number of topics for which there are as yet to be developed products.


Q: You looked me up didn’t you!




Q: Those pictures were from when I was on spring break!   I had been drinking!


CUSPER: What in the name of the Gods eternal and infernal are you going on about?


Q: There were beads!   There were beads!   Even Sally (Deleted) at News (delete) whipped out her (deleted) for some beads and the ones they threw at her weren’t even half as nice as the ones…
CUSPER: Can we get back to the topic of social media?


Q: I had the privacy settings set for….


CUSPER: None of the social media that I know of will allow lewd or indecent pictures posted on their sites.


Q: No, but when I put my profile up on (deleted) I…


CUSPER: I believe this interview is over.


Q: Everyday my email is slammed with ads for herpes medications and resorts in Jamaica!


CUSPER: I am leaving now.


Q: No matter how I set the filter, no matter how many times I change my email address they always find me (inaudible possibly a sob)  I even took down my profile! (another inaudible possible sob)


CUSPER: Have a nice day.


Q: I don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases! I’ve been tested!  Damn it,  I am a (profanity redacted for web publication) journalist!   I get lonely!


(interview ends)


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