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Divorce in the Age of Social Media


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$1 million bail for man accused of targeting girls on Facebook Daily Herald

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Facebook, SMS Talaq Troubles India Muslims OnIslam

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The Digital Trust Foundation: Facebook’s Unwanted Child NPQ

Facebook “Likes” Reveal Hospital Death Rates BuzzFeed

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Facebook Stock Hovers At $30 As Q4 Earnings Approach

Divorce papers served in California from Facebook Account PRLEAP

Facebook Lobbying Spend Up 196%.. Tech Crunch

Don’t “Like” Companies on Facebook Or You’ll Embarrass Yourself  Gizmodo

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Facebook making girls miserable Adelaide Now

Forget Friends; New App Makes Facebook ‘Enemies’ ABC NEWS

Student’s bikini photo on Facebook results in graduation ban MSNBC

Facebook ‘friend’ offer exposes man’s other wife Associated Press

Judge: Apologize on Facebook or Go to Jail Forbes

Facebook angrily denies spying on Android texts The Telegraph

Facebook’s Disappearing Friends Wall Street Journal

Facebook users’ top breakup songs revealed  MSNBC

Sarkozy Facebook Timeline takes flak as re-election campaign begins Washington Post

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Deion Sanders Announces Divorce on Facebook NBC Chicago

Shunning Facebook, and Living to Tell About It  New York Times

Facebook used in 90 percent of divorce cases Tampa News 10

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Germany’s War with Facebook and Google Over Privacy The Atlantic

Facebook battles Germans on privacy The Telegraph

Despite FTC Settlement, Facebook Still Playing Coy on Privacy  Forbes

FTC slaps Facebook for privacy concerns, what does it mean to you   Chicago Sun-Times


Couple forced to exchange Facebook passwords during divorce New York Post

The Modern Divorce: I Want the House … and Your Facebook Password New York Magazine

Faulty connection: Third of people have broken up through Facebook, email or text  Mail Online

Got dumped via Facebook? You’re not alone: New Yorkers increasingly nix  romances via text message, Facebook   New York Daily News

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Facebook technology to track non-users revealed ITWorld.Com


Inmates using Facebook to harass their victims, accusers, witnesses CBS News

Facebook tracking is under scrutiny   USA TODAY




Salman Rushdie wins name tiff with Facebook The Washington Post


‘Pox Parties’ in the Age of Facebook The New York Times


Is this really news?  Facebook flirtation goes sour The Chicago Sun-Times
















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