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Divorce in the Age of Social Media

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Media Liaison:

We have assembled here a few resources to assist journalists.

While many inquiries are made related to the novel itself.  Most inquires have to do with related stories being researched by journalists on the subjects of social media and divorce.    There are some posts that touch upon factoids related to social media:

Facebook Involved in 90% of all divorces

Social Media Can Kill You!

While these are slightly facetious, they are based on published  reports.

Additional resources on  “Social Media and Divorce” can be found at FB In The News where we aggregate links to facebook related news items.



Short Summary –  A comedic novel about divorce in the age of social media.

Longer Summary –  A hapless dentist finds himself trapped in a social media fueled divorce.  Beset by property Nazis in deed restricted costal Florida he seeks comfort in cigars, opera and other distractions as his world becomes progressively more absurd.

Back Cover Summary – 

Author Cusper Lynn dons the persona of dentist Dr. Cusper Lynn, DDS as he takes us on a guided tour of Divorce in the Age of Social Media.

While doing legal battle with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Dr. DeeAnn Lynn, DDS and seeing it broadcast on Facebook, Cusper finds himself beset by property association officers, opera zealots and well-meaning friends. In the comic adventure that follows questions are answered about evolution, a test for the divorce gene, the secret prayer of every parent and the most pressing question for Dr. Cupser Lynn, DDS; “Why Florida?”


About the Author:

Cusper Lynn is a novelist, playwright, and perpetual student.   Facebook Ate My Marriage is the first book published under his name.   When he is not writing, consulting, lecturing or working on another degree he can be found with his wife, their cats and their long suffering dog in coastal Florida.


Press Inquiries:

Members of the press have inquired as to whether Cusper Lynn has been through a divorce and if this was the basis for this novel.

Answer:  Yes, he has been through a divorce and yes, facebook figured heavily in that experience.  No, the book is not based on it.  As the divorce was far more absurd and could not be rendered plausible; even as a work of fiction.




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