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 Is Facebook Killing Organic Communications?

Anyone who knows me knows I have ambivalent feelings about Facebook.   If you are unfamiliar with my views see the novel here (click here) or search my blog.   Recently, several author friends have taken to Facebook to complain about Facebook’s changes in its newsfeed.   The allegations ran from being blocked from over fifty percent of their fan base, to having friends’ posts delayed or never delivered at all. How much of this was legitimate and how much of this was hyperbole I had no idea.   Facebook has been a platform for widespread misinformation on so many topics – from dead Seinfeld actors to finding missing flight MH370 passengers alive – that I decided to look into for myself. (more…)

Grand Matriarchs – Family Feud Part 1


Image by Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist

Chapter 34:  Lynns, MacDhubhshiths, McDades & Crisis

(Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

There are few things like a new crisis to distract you from your present crisis. So the Facebook dust up (that now included casual acquaintances who gathered to monitor the live Internet theater production and a Ph.D. candidate who was doing her thesis on the corrosive nature of social network media) was in some ways a welcome break from the tedium of the larger life crisis that was looming. It is also a time when you can reflect upon the sources from which you draw your inspiration and strength during life’s tribulations: family.

To understand the Lynns and the MacDhubhshiths, you must understand that family is, if properly constructed, largely matrilineal; the most relevant family traits are in the female line. As our family (that is, my parents generation and earlier) is a matriarchy, the men tend to gravitate towards women who are strong willed, independent and intelligent. This generally works. The MacDhubhshith and Lynn families are known for their humor, work ethic and burying their own. Both families, being matrilineal in nature, also practice a peculiar religion that I will discuss later, as it is an issue unto itself. (more…)

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  • Two Chimps & A Gun (or, Mad Abby’s Video Fun Time)

    • Monday Feb 4,2013 02:42 PM
    • By Cusper Lynn
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    Image by Cusper Lynn composed from photo element by

     JAM Project of Will Coles’ piece “Guns R Us mk II” Sydney, Australia 

    Two Chimps & A Gun (or, Mad Abby’s Video Fun Time)


    Cusper Lynn

    “You promised him WHAT!?!” Matt Tomlinson bellowed.

    “You heard me,” I said calmly. “Fifty-fifty on all initial sales, and sixty-forty on secondary product sales on all conversions.”

    “Jesus, Cusper! For half of his primary list!” Matt barked.

    “No, all of his primary list and half of his second list,” I said.

    There was a silence. “He let you into his second list?” Matt asked, clearly shocked by this information.

    “Yes, he’s giving us all of his primary and half of the second client list,” I stated.

    “Those people all have spent over 3k with him, minimum,” Matt said, awe coloring his voice.

    “Yes,” I agreed.

    In the motivational and personality marketing industry, there are always lists to be found, pools of customers who, through previous purchases, have shown themselves to be a receptive audience—not to say suckers—for new ideas. (more…)

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  • Giving Thanks for the Tribal Gathering

    Image  by Daniel Morris

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 59:  Giving Thanks for the Tribal Gathering

    If you think that the Thanksgiving gathering was a somber affair, of reflecting upon the horrors of the decimation of my domestic life with wringing hands and the worried faces of extended relatives, you would be wrong.  It was, as are all our tribal gatherings, a raucous reconnection of the extended family, with humor, food, stories, and games.  I was not in the center of this, but that was part of the evolution of family gatherings. You are in the center of them only when you are a kid.  When you are a teenager, you hang petulantly on the fringe, with a surly contempt – until a cousin who is equally surly and contemptuous cracks a joke and soon you are in the mix of things.  (more…)

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  • Turandot and Turmoil


    Image by Knight Foundation

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 54:  Turandot and Turmoil

    One of the features that the day offered was the certainty that it would be spent entirely away from home.  The attraction of this is self-evident as it was a Saturday which was normally when the younger Lynns would have their sports activities, an integral part of my weekends.  So Saturday was always a difficult day to get through – as was Sunday, and just about any of the days.  But I digress (frequently).

    Arising as my normal workweek schedule did demand, I went through my usual preparations, saw Gertrude through his morning walk, fed the Raptors and Gildy, unloaded, loaded and ran the dishes. Then, before departing, rapped upon the door of the eldest and increasingly nocturnal Lynn child, and shouted, “I am leaving now!”

    Bryce gave a salutatory grunt to the information conveyed and lapsed back into his state of insensible unconsciousness.  In principle, I believe I give him these notices of my whereabouts to be a good father and roommate.  Yet there is a part of me that remembers 11 years of fists hammering on my door at all hours of the morning, bedroom door locks being picked for mid-coital (more…)

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  • The Facebook War

    Image ByBy ssoosay (Surian Soosay)

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 32:  Omar O’Malley and the Facebook War

    “Dad, Kaylee’s on the phone and needs to talk to you,” Bryce greeted me at the door as I returned from interring the remains of Daisy.

    Taking Bryce’s cell phone, I saw him stalk off into the next room, visibly upset. This let me know that I was about to begin a “parent” phone call.

    “That BITCH!” Kaylee sobbed. (more…)

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  • Opera Atheist

    Image  by Alaskan Dude

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 30:  Know Thy Enemy and Opera Atheist

    The weather was perfect – byFloridastandards: gray, cold, breezy and intermittently spitting rain. I sat in the sunroom happily puffing a Maduro Churchill and bobbing my head like an idiot to what I was listening to. The previous day had been perfect, and my good mood had carried forward to this beautiful Sunday morning. That matters were going so well and the weather was so perfect should have been fair warning to me that unreasonable circumstances were bound to be on the horizon. What with Audrey Towbridge doting on her pups (the opossum litter) and my yard having made precious little improvement with chemical spraying and the systematic ignoring of water ordinances to engage in the same unlawful lawn watering as was the norm for my neighbors, it should have been clear to me that a power vacuum existed and that someone was bound to step up and fill it. (more…)

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    Image By Keoni Cabral

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 24:  Regrets and Nightmares

    It was the night after that meal with Petrelas and Larissa that I experienced a most vivid dream. Dreaming, true dreaming, in which the irrational interplay of the mind and the world weave fantastic tapestries from which we do not wish to arise, had not occurred for me in many years. But following the departure of DeeAnn, or the arrival of the Evil Eyes, I found I was once again dreaming.  On this night, whether due to the wine or Larissa’s comments or perhaps my own thoughts on the benevolent lie, I found myself removed for a time from all of my current travails. It was a moment in which I was back in a time before Julie, but not long after Kiefer (as one tends to mark life’s epochs by one’s children). It was when DeeAnn and I took our first vacation as a couple in 16 years. The scene, in my dream, was something of a blur that resolved itself around a single person. The person, whose naked shoulders I was rubbing, was DeeAnn, and the place was aboard a cruise ship bound forAlaska. At that moment I could not remember the gun, the bullets, the divorce, or Facebook. I was instead sublimely happy rubbing her shoulders and looking out our cabin balcony window, for the curtains were drawn and I considered the passing landscape as I rubbed her shoulders in the manner she preferred. (more…)

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  • Plight of The Paladin

     Image By:  AZRainman

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 48:  Plight of The Paladin

    My drive home was a silent one, at least from the outside observer’s perspective, as I put on no music and did not even bother to rant aloud. Instead, I was actively pushing back against a tide of resentment that took in most aspects of my present life. It is in these Herculean struggles that high blood pressure and broken molars are conceived; chewing ice maybe bad for you, but clenched teeth are a killer. A flash of headlights, a hard swerve to the right, and a narrowly avoided collision was just the distraction I needed.

    “Sorry, Pop,” the other driver called out at me as he sped off, “I’ll be out late. Might be home in the morning.”

    Children can provide so much joy and, at least, the cold sweat of imminent death snapped me from my internal tirade. I knew it was still lurking and sought preventative measures immediately. Rushing into the house, I stepped among the yipping Gertrude and the plaintive mews of the Raptors and Gildy, to get to my humidor. Having a fair idea of the level of the coming wave, I selected three cigars and grabbed my clipper, lighter, and pipe tool. It was going to take a full-blown nicotine stupor to shut this one down. (more…)

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  • Possession

    Image by: Jeremy Burgin

    (Excerpt From Facebook Ate My Marriage.  Republished with permission from Hell Bent Press and the Author)

    Chapter 49:  “Your Wife is…” and Other Facebook Revelations

    Possession is largely an illusion.  Children, for example, are not possessions.  Yet we describe them in possessive terms:  mine, ours, yours, theirs.  Claims of possession change relative to behavior.  Such as:  “My son is an honor student at…” or “Do you know what YOUR son did today!?” indicating possession based upon pride and shifted possession based upon misbehavior.  Possession was very much on my mind.  Not because I believed DeeAnn to be possessed, as she is demonic enough on her own merits to drive away any zealous demon seeking her as a homestead.   Possession was on my mind because the text message from Kaylee started “Your wife is…” (more…)

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