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Day Time Television


Image By: Jason Eppink

I told Sheila that I would need her to be on time and available for the next several days. This, I was certain, would result in her taking an unplanned holiday to Daytona. I canceled all of my other engagements and then I drove down to the 7th Street Brewery in Gulf Gate. If I were going to bone up on Elna Alvarez, I needed the help of a television expert. The master brewer, Harrison Tyler, not only knows television; he is also a former writer, director, and producer from Los Angeles. Despite leaving the industry he has surrounded himself with the memorabilia of his career and fifteen large screen televisions running the latest programs in his brewery restaurant.   Most of his trade comes in the evenings and weekends when he turns all fifteen televisions to sports channels. (more…)

My Gate Keeper

  • Monday Aug 25,2014 08:19 PM
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Image by: Ryman Arts

My Gate Keeper


Cusper Lynn

“Sheila, hold all calls. I’m not available,” I said.

“Yes, Dr. Lynn,” She said.

I stared at the check. It was there, big as life, $10,000. Not enough to even get started for Klondike, but enough to keep the lights on for another thirty days. I was going to have to give it back. I hadn’t even wanted it by the time he had passed it over. But there it was and there was no way I could simply ignore it. Hell, half of it would at least give me enough time to breathe. But it would mean dealing with Klondike and there was no deal in that.

The intercom erupted and I answered it. “Yes, Sheila?”

“No, JJ,” the voice on the phone said. (more…)

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